Design Guidelines

At The Farm at Cane Creek, you live in a rural setting, surrounded by acres of rolling hills within sight of the Blue Ridge Mountains. But you’re not really remote; you’re close enough to several cities to enjoy the best of both worlds! Your new neighborhood combines the modern conveniences you need with the farm lifestyle you enjoy.

Your new home embraces traditional elements that stand the test of time, but makes allowances for today’s technological advancements. To help you find that perfect balance of upscale living with rural sensibilities, the design team for The Farm at Cane Creek delivers guidelines and ideas that are sure to please you.

Choices, Not Limits

Your personal style and family requirements play a major role in the final design of your new home. Just as you added your grandmother’s cedar chest seamlessly into your high-tech master bedroom, your new home can retain all the amenities you’ve come to appreciate from a modern home, while blending perfectly into the unspoiled hills of southern Buncombe County.

The Farm at Cane Creek is a development that honors country living, but accommodates your unique style. The choices you’ll see among the designer’s renderings provide selections you can transform to suit your lifestyle. At the same time, your new home fits the topography of your site and its natural surroundings.

Personal and Professional

The builders chosen to create the homes for this new development are artisans. They bring skills and vision to each custom-built home. They fret over the details so you can enjoy the fruits of their labor. Their mission is to help you achieve your dream. Your family will be pleased with your choices and excited about the future.

Living at The Farm at Cane Creek isn’t just about finding an ideal setting and community; it’s about creating a personalized place. The exquisite designs created by the master builders deliver comfort, style, grace and convenience — all cradled in the arms of Mother Nature. When you move in with that cedar chest, you’ll know exactly where it fits because like you, it’s right where it’s supposed to be.