Dec 20,2021
The Farm at Cane Creek Community Update

The Asheville real estate market has always been popular but has definitely seen a surge over the last two years as families seek outdoor space, less stress and are able to work remotely. We have also seen a huge increase in the real estate investment market where homes are bought and flipped soon after.  The […]

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Nov 17,2021
Hidden Perks and Views of Cane Creek

What Hidden Perks Does the Farm at Cane Creek Offer? You have many things to think about when you’re considering building a dream home. For many people, choosing a location is one of the first deliberations. The Farm at Cane Creek in Fletcher, NC may be an ideal location if you’re a nature lover who […]

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Oct 26,2021
The History of Cane Creek

How Does the Past Connect to the Present at Cane Creek? Cane Creek skirts Fletcher, Mills River and Fairview. It’s 15 minutes from Asheville and 20 minutes from Hendersonville. The history of Cane Creek is inextricably connected with the growth of the surrounding towns and one family in particular. Billy Taylor and his family, developers […]

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Sep 27,2021
Cane Creek and Conservation: A Natural Partnership

Billy Taylor and his family have lived and thrived in the Cane Creek Valley for over four generations. And as the developers of The Farm at Cane Creek, they have a stake in conserving the land for owners of luxury homes near Asheville and for those who long for a mini-farm near Asheville. His family […]

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Aug 22,2021
Calling All Garden Lovers!

A popular and growing trend is the rise of luxury communities offering plenty of land to farm and garden.  Many of these, however, are in remote mountaintop locations because most of the communities closer to town only offer small lots.  This is what truly makes Cane Creek so special.  Within a 10 minute drive you […]

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Jul 26,2021
Living the Luxury Life in a Rural Setting

Rural Luxury: The Dream of the Taylor Family For generations, Billy Taylor and his family (5th generation Taylors in Asheville) have lived on and worked the land in the Cane Creek area. Their “roots” so to speak, are embedded in the Asheville area.  As developers, they had a vision to provide families with the luxury […]

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Jun 21,2021
The Mini Farm Lifestyle at The Farm at Cane Creek

What is a mini farm and can you have a mini farm at the The Farm At Cane Creek, Asheville, North Carolina? The Farm at Cane Creek is perfect for the mini farm lifestyle and is approved for gardens, greenhouses, livestock and chickens. Learn more about the Mini Farm lifestyle in this blog.

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May 18,2021
Noteworthy Names and Faces of Asheville

It may surprise you to find out who your neighbor is at the Farm At Cane Creek. We focus on our beautiful mountains and access to outdoor activities but one topic of interest that doesn’t get talked about much is how many famous people either were born here or lived here for a period of time. Did you know that there is a growing list of notable people who wish to live in or visit Asheville on a regular basis? Well, there is.

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Apr 24,2021
Beach vs Mountains: Choosing Between the Best of Both Worlds

Everyone dreams of a cool beachside house while also dreaming about a warm mountain cabin.  In choosing between the best of both worlds, why do so many choose the mountain life over the beach? First of all, our sunrises are just as stunning:   Who Moves to Asheville? Asheville North Carolina real estate market has […]

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Mar 20,2021
Is it greener on the other side? We think so.

It is no surprise that our great outdoors, Blue Ridge Parkway, Pisgah National Park and the many lakes, rivers and parks have made the Asheville area one of those places everyone seems to be moving. Don’t worry. We still have plenty of space and our homesites ensure you get to enjoy your spot in nature.

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Feb 7,2021
3 Must Have Home Features Included at The Farm At Cane Creek

It may be a surprise but living in the mountains doesn’t mean you have to forgo the latest in technology. In fact, it may surprise you how many smart technology homes are built in our area. With underground high speed fiber optic, The Farm at Cane Creek ensures reliable smart technology for your home’s connected devices. You can entertain without interruption, streaming your favorite shows and movies in your home theatre or connect with confidence as you conference call or video with business associates across the globe.

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Jan 7,2021
More of what you want, less of what you don’t

The Farm at Cane Creek is located alongside the Cane Creek providing you options to build near the creek or semi-hidden in wooded areas or with wide open valley spaces. No matter where you choose, you will love coming home where you have more of what you want and less of what you don’t.

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Dec 16,2020
Fletcher Community Profile: Love where you live

Your community is a significant factor in choosing your home location. Check out our profile of the Fletcher community so you can see why you’ll love where you live!

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Dec 1,2020
Frequently Asked Questions about The Farm at Cane Creek

We’ve rounded up the Frequently Asked Questions about The Farm At Cane Creek for you – everything from taxes, utilities, to lot sizes and prices and more.
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Oct 13,2020
What does EZ Build mean in the Mountains?

We often describe the Farm at Cane Creek as “Easy Build Lots” but what does that actually mean especially when you’re building in an area known for its mountains?

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Aug 11,2020
A tour of Cane Creek

If you could take a bird’s eye view, you can see Cane Creek and the surrounding mountains with their morning cloud mist at sunrise (pictured). Cane Creek is located in Fairview, NC which is just a 10 minute drive to downtown Asheville in one direction and a 10 minute drive to “south Asheville” in the other. In this blog we take a closer look at Cane Creek and the neighborhood.

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Jul 8,2020
Shoulda Woulda Coulda

Opportunities come and go and we often look back and think… I shoulda, woulda, coulda. Don’t let that be you with this beautiful opportunity to build your dream home in the Cane Creek Valley.

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Jun 9,2020
Location Location Location

Being in the perfect location can mean different things, depending on where you’re situated. When seeking the right balance of your future home, many people look for locations that are convenient, a great place to raise a family or retire, and of course, amenities. How does The Farm at Cane Creek match up? In all the right ways….

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May 9,2020
What is the Cane Creek Lifestyle?

Country and Rural Living that provide a healthier, happier environment for families, combined with convenience and modern-day amenities, all of which lend themselves to a place that is more than community, it’s where you will want to call home for generations to come.

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Apr 5,2020
You’ve found your perfect secret paradise off the beaten trail in Asheville, North Carolina

It goes without saying that we can all use a bit of peace and tranquility through this time. Here in Asheville at The Farm at Cane Creek, we are blessed to have wide-open spaces with beautiful views and mountains to hike, trails to walk within steps of our front door.

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