Jan 7,2021

More of what you want, less of what you don’t

The Farm at Cane Creek is located alongside the Cane Creek providing you options to build near the creek or semi-hidden in wooded areas or with wide open valley spaces. No matter where you choose, you will love coming home where you have more of what you want and less of what you don’t.

More land, less concrete

At the Farm at Cane Creek, the only concrete is the road, the driveway and the lot your dream house sits upon. You will be sounded by green in the spring and fall leaves and occasionally snow on the ground. You can enjoy all four seasons from your screened in back porch or fireside as you grill at your outdoor living area with family and friends.

More starry night, less light pollution.

While the Farm at Cane Creek is only 15 minutes from downtown Asheville, you will feel a world away as you lean back and take in the starry night with its unobstructed views. Rather than the glare of city lights, you can lay in the grass and “cloud bust” your time away.

More sounds of the forest, less city noise.

For those used to the city life, the modern day farm life can take some adjusting to as you trade the sound of dump trucks, traffic, and blaring horns for the sounds of cicadas, the occasional hoot of an owl or even nighttime frogs and other insects and wildlife. At some point, you learn to relax and let those sounds help you drift off to a peaceful sleep.

More smooth traffic, less congestion

Getting home is a breeze and we truly mean it. If you work “in town” your commute is an easy 15 minute drive with very little traffic. Once you’re home, you’ll probably spend more time getting around on an ATV than your SUV as you explore the Cane Creek valley and all that nature has to offer in the surrounding areas.

More outdoors, less indoors

While you’ll definitely enjoy being indoors, you will equally if not more, be beckoned to take part of your natural surroundings. Your dogs, children and even your friends will encourage you to take a walk, a hike, go fishing or hiking or cycling or simply hangout by the fire pit. Our “screen time” consists of viewing the wildlife such as bears, deer, and wild turkey as they pass through your yard. Everything about the Farm at Cane Creek encourages a warm blanket and smores.

As you can see, The Farm at Cane Creek lives up to the promise of delivering more of what you want and less of what you don’t. Go ahead, pick your spot. You won’t regret it.