Oct 26,2021

The History of Cane Creek

How Does the Past Connect to the Present at Cane Creek?

Cane Creek skirts Fletcher, Mills River and Fairview. It’s 15 minutes from Asheville and 20 minutes from Hendersonville. The history of Cane Creek is inextricably connected with the growth of the surrounding towns and one family in particular. Billy Taylor and his family, developers of The Farm at Cane Creek,  have ties that run deep in Cane Creek. And it’s that legacy that drives Taylor and other Cane Creek families to protect the land now.

Fletcher was first established in the 18th century by the Murray family, who bought land in the Western North Carolina mountains for its rich limestone deposits and its agricultural importance. It was a good call, since the limestone quarry near Fletcher continues to be mined by the Murrays.

The Billy Taylor family ventured to the Cane Creek area in the late 1930s and early 1940s when they fell in love with the beauty of the area and the prime farming land. Another good call, since the history of quality farming in the area continues today. It was the Taylors’ ongoing affection for the landscape and beauty that drove the family to create a development of unique luxury homes near Asheville that could carry on the timeless traditions connecting Cane Creek’s past to its future.

What Are the Mainstays of a Protected and Bountiful Rural Lifestyle?

Cane Creek is a luscious, fertile valley. When the Taylor Family first arrived, area inhabitants shared traditional, rural values. This valley, bound by the mountains and bordered by the French Broad and Mills Rivers, creates a perfect zone for thriving, lush farmland that attracted the early descendants of the Appalachian people to migrate here. From the earliest settlers, Cane Creek families emphasized:

  • Family
  • Maintaining the integrity of the land
  • Close-knit communities
  • Self-sufficiency and innovation
  • Resilience
  • Education

This property near Asheville, developed by generations of the Taylor family, aims to sustain these same values. Legal covenants and restrictions are in place to ensure their safety. This way, future generations will be able to relish in the unspoiled beauty this land graciously provides.

Deer at the Farm at Cane Creek

What Are Specific Similarities between the Past and Present?

In Cane Creek, shared values and beliefs are passed down from generation to generation, linking the past and the present. And while the themes may change slightly to fit these contemporary times, the basics remain the same. Residents who buy land on this mini-farm near Asheville agree. The time-honored principles that remain vital include:

  • Maintaining the integrity of the land. Luxury homes in the Asheville area are designed to fit in with the glorious landscape and land conservation is held in high regard.
  • Close-knit communities. Among numerous gathering spots offered at The Farm at Cane Creek, you’ll find riding rings, a stable, wooded trails, creeks and a pavilion to grill and connect with your community.
  • Self-sufficiency and innovation. Because of the prime location, your property near Asheville allows for autonomy, what the early mountain settlers sought when they left the big East Coast cities. At The Farm at Cane Creek, you can grow your own food and still have access to state-of-the-art technology built right into your home.
  • Importance of education. The Mills River area was dubbed the “Cradle of Education” in the late 18th century. Today, these luxury homes near Asheville sit in a quality school district that carries on its own legacy.

Just as early Fletcher settlers worked hard to become prosperous, they found balance in family and community. To walk in those same shoes, contact the Billy Taylor Team for information about luxury homes near Asheville that provide the equanimity of nature and the values of generations past, combined with all the modern amenities. Experience an incomparable standard of living.

Property Lot View – The Farm at Cane Creek August 2021